Lecture Performance with Maya Magnat, 2018

When we come across disturbing content on the internet, we click the “report” button to alert the website administrators, but what happens to this content afterward? Who decides on its fate, and how do they go about it? In this performance, based on confidential Facebook training presentations that were leaked to The Guardian in 2017, the audience is invited to take part in an interactive training session in which they will fill the shoes of content moderators who are required to make thousands of moral, sometimes traumatizing, choices every day, following strict company community guidelines.
In the course of an hour, the performance discusses topics that occupy the moderators, such as what content is considered sexual? When is a threat credible? When is showing violence crucial to saving lives? And in general, how can we make a value judgment on what type of images we should see – as individuals and as a society – in the various social media and websites?

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